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Four times Julian had sex, and one time it meant something

Forgive me ahead of time for this.  It just kind of happened.  Lot’s of different pairings.  Note: not smut.  There’s hintings at things, but there isn’t really anything.  I can’t write smut xD


It happened shortly after Julian had recovered and returned to Hollywood.  He had been having a rough day and after a nap turned into him waking up screaming, he found himself walking towards Cameron’s trailer.

What had started out with Cameron comforting Julian, the young actor in the older one’s arms as tears stained Cameron’s shirt, eventually turned into a heated make-up session after Cameron thought to comfort Julian with a small kiss.  This in tern lead to them on the bed, Julian below Cameron as he ravished him with kisses.  Before long, Cameron was reaching for a condom and Julian was a mess of whimpers, until he came all over the older actor.

Once out his orgasmic high and Cameron has collapsed on top of him, he felt like something was out of a place.  A voice came to his head…It’s been you all along, Jules…no, he had left that behind.  There was nothing there anymore.  He instead turned to Cameron, wishing more than anything that it could have meant something special, more than just a friendly-affection.  And though he loved Cameron, he didn’t love him.


It was during Haven’s tour.  Julian had come to support his castmate’s final concert and arrived at the after-party to congratulate him.  Said after-party had many drinks available and Julian didn’t waste time taking shots and drinks.  Needless to say, Julian became hammered, and the one he had come to congratulate had quite a few drinks as well.  So hours later, Julian found himself lying in some hotel room bed, Clark lying naked next to him, now sober and reflecting on what had just happened.  As he remembered Clark’s dark eyes, they suddenly turned green, a sharp green- No.  He wasn’t go to do this.  He had escaped all that.  Even if Clark was just a friend, he wouldn’t think of him.


In the end, Julian couldn’t stay away from Dalton.  Senior year found the young actor back in the Stuart dorm, announcing his return the same way he always had- I’m back you sorry bastards!- and prancing through the dorm like he owned the place.  He had seen the emotions in those green eyes, but he ignored them.  They didn’t matter anyone.

A pleasant surprise had arrived at Dalton that year, one that Julian had left behind in the romantic city of Paris.  The kind-of-but-not-really-lovers had greeted each other warmly, and soon their welcome became heated and mind-blowing, with Julian panting and crying out, Sebastian! as the other said simply, Shush, Kitten.  I’m going to make you feel wonderful.

They had gone at it many times before they collapsed on each other and slept.  Before long, the sun’s rays had come into the room, and the dorm slammed open, revealing the last person Julian had wanted to see.

Hey, Julian, do you- the figure paused, taking in the scene on the bed- Oh, ok.  I’ll just-um, see you later. He quickly retreated and shut the door.

Julian felt tears coming, but held them back.  That whole night, a wonderful rush of memories and experiences had come back to him, and he thought, finally, he could move on.  But the minute he saw the flash of emotions in those beautiful green eyes, he knew it was useless.

Are you ok, kitten?

Yes, he lied, as he was so good at doing.  But he wasn’t ok, and he wouldn’t be.


Julian had surprised by his best friend’s sexuality crisis.  It wasn’t that he had any problem with it, naturally, but it just seemed that between those dozens of girls Derek had dated over the years and Casey Lambert, Derek had been pretty set in his sexuality.

The arrival of a certain stranger had changed this for his best friend.  And now Derek had approached him, asking about certain…things.  And the best way to help him learn how, was, to say, practice.  And that’s how Julian found himself with his formerly straight best friend inside of him.

Of course, Julian knew from the start that it didn’t mean anything.  Even though Julian now had no doubt Derek wasn’t at least somewhat attracted to him (I mean, who wasn’t?  Ignore the thoughts of green-eyed blondes) but he knew their friendship was platonic; Derek loved Sebastian (he ignored the voice in his head saying that he did as well).

But that didn’t stop him from hoping.  That maybe it would mean something.  That even if it became one-sided like it had (was) at least he wasn’t that squid.  Derek would be different.

But it was futile.  It wasn’t anything more than simple pleasure between friends.  Nothing more, nothing less.


Julian couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.  It was just- so amazing, and he was so happy right now.

“You look happy, Jules,” the blonde said above him.  Julian swatted him, but he was still grinning.

“Shut up, squid,” He raised an eyebrow at the nickname so Julian clarified, “Giant Squid of Ignorance.  That’s you.” He laughed.

“Excuse you, Mr. Denial.  It took months, but you finally decided to believe me.”

Julian smiled, “Yes.  I did.” They were currently lying side-by-side, clothes on the floor.  They had just done something Julian had done many, many times before, but this time, it was special.  It meant something beyond simple pleasure, friendship, and even a deeper hook-up.  It was..

“I love you,” Logan said.

“I love you too,” Julian responded.  And this time, he meant it.

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