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Guessing Game

Prompt: Post-Hell Night. Logan goes home for Christmas. Michelle suspects that he has a new boyfriend and starts asking questions about it and who he is. Logan doesn’t tell her who he is, but answers all her questions about him. In the end, Michelle guesses that it’s Julian, but hesitantly, because she (like everyone else) doesn’t know that he’s bi. Logan admits that he is dating him.

Thanks anon for the prompt.  I hope this ok!  And I hope Michelle’s characterization is ok :)

Logan stepped off the airplane, quickly taking out his phone and texting Julian to let him know that he was in New York.  The diva texted him back immediately:

Good to know you’re there safely.  Hope Senator Asshat isn’t too much of a jerk.  See you for New Year’s <3 Jules

Logan couldn’t help smile at Julian’s text.  By now, he was at the luggage area waiting for his luggage to come, when he heard a voice.


Logan smiled a bit and sighed, saying, “Michelle.” His young stepmother came over a hugged him, smiling brightly.

“How are you and how is school?  It’s been so long since we’ve seen you, we’ve missed you Logan!”

If there was someone besides Julian and Derek that Logan was grateful and cared about in his life, it would be Michelle Wright, his young stepmother.  She was always happy to see him and cared about him, unlike his father.

“I’m doing well,” he said simply, and picked up his luggage when it arrived.  They walked out to the car that Michelle had brought, talking about Dalton and other things.

“Is that new?” she asked, motioning to the sweater that Logan had on.

“Yeah,” he replied, smiling as he thought about when he received this gift- it had been from Julian for his birthday.

Michelle, naturally, had noticed this smile, a smile that hadn’t graced her stepson’s face in quite some time.  Smiling to herself, she asked, “Is that a gift from someone?”

Logan flushed a tad bit and replied, “Um, uh, yeah, it is.”

People may say that Michelle wasn’t the smartest girl on the block, but if there was something that she noticed, it was Logan’s moods and expressions.  Smiling more brightly, she bluntly asks, “Was it from a boy?”

Now clearly red in the face, Logan replies, “Yes.”

Michelle could have openly asked who, but that was no fun, was it?  It was much more fun to guess, in her opinion.  “Well…is it someone from Dalton?” she asks, deciding to play 20-questions-ish with Logan.

Logan’s face has returned to normal, responding affirmative.

Michelle continues asking questions, things such as, ‘Is he your age?’ ‘What does he act like?’ ‘Have I heard about him before’ and ‘Have I met him before?’ all of which Logan answers accordingly.  As the answers pile up, Michelle only has one clear boy in her mind, but it can’t be him.  Like any good mother, Michelle has paid attention to the people that her son is best friends with, not just Logan, and therefore has seen some movies and interviews with Logan’s movie-star best friend.  And, if she recalls correctly, the actor in question is straight.  However, everything Logan is saying points to him, so…

“Michelle?” Logan asks, suddenly wondering why she had stopped asking questions.

Michelle smiles at Logan, hesitating for a second before guessing, “Is it Julian?”

Logan simply admits, “Yes it is.”

They have made it to Senator Wright’s house and are parked outside, but neither have made a move to get out of the car.  Michelle is lost in thought.  She thinks back to before this- especially right after Hell Night- and seeing the sadness and frustration in Logan’s eyes.  She knew immediately after picking him at the airport that something had changed in his eyes, that he was much, much happier then before, happier than she had ever seen him.

“Michelle…he…” Logan starts, suddenly nervous.  But Michelle finishes his sentence.

“…makes you really, really happy, doesn’t he?” She smiles as Logan nods.

“Yeah…I…I love him.  I really do.  And he loves me too, though goodness knows why.”

“It’s because your a wonderful person, Logan,” she moves to get out of the car, and Logan follows her out.  She pulls him into a hug.

“I’m glad to see you so happy, and he’s making you this happy.  I’m so glad you two found each other.”

Logan has an ear-splitting grin that he can’t seem to wipe off his face.  He can’t help but be so grateful for Michelle, the one adult in his life that had truly acted like a parent to him.  “Thanks…”

“So…what is he doing for Christmas?”

“Um…he’s doing some stuff with the Something Damaged cast in Los Angeles…”

“Well, let’s go!”

“…Huh?” Logan asked, not sure if he heard his stepmother correctly.

“To Los Angeles, to see your boyfriend!  I need to meet, after all!”

“You’ve already met him…”

“As your friend, but not as your boyfriend!  Now let me go talk to your father, and we’ll be off before you know it!”

Logan laughed.  He knew his father wasn’t about to whisked off to Los Angeles, but it was the thought that counted, right?  Walking into the house, he took out his phone to text Julian and text him about what had just happened.  Los Angeles or not, maybe this Christmas wouldn’t be so bad.

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